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The Frenchie Boutique Hotel round top texas

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The Frenchie Boutique Hotel, Round Top Texas

The Frenchie Boutique Hotel is One of the best places to stay in round top texas

Round Top is one of the fastest growing Texas Getaways.  Whether you are looking for a romantic couples weekend getaway, a girls trip, a business retreat, a country wedding venue or a secluded honeymoon spot, The Frenchie Boutique Hotel in Round Top Texas is your destination.

Located within walking distance to beautiful downtown, The Frenchie is composed of three buildings: a circa 1890s farmhouse and a cottage of the same vintage, and an art studio built in recent years in the style of an earlier time, with newly renovated pool bungalows. The main house includes a kitchen, living area, dining room and breakfast room that are used as common spaces. Savor a glass of wine on the back porch, or enjoy gorgeous country sunsets from our beautiful hot tub and pool. Guests may rent individual rooms, individual suites or any combination thereof. 

Come for Relaxation, Stay for Inspiration at The Frenchie Boutique Round Top Texas Hotel

FROM THE DESIGNER – “The Frenchie is designed to deliver the warm, personal hospitality you expect at a traditional inn with all the luxurious hipness of an urban boutique hotel. We tried to push the boundaries of what is expected in a small rural town because we believe it’s possible to be trendsetting in the middle of tranquility. Sometimes those hip urban destinations feel unattainable, but everybody can get to Round Top—and once they get here they want to stay.” – Kristin Light

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